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Dentta Supreme Etchant

We offer a wide variety of etchants to complete the various bonding system. These etchants
include porcelain, dentin and enamel gels that are available in easy to use dispensing syringes.
Our fine bore metal ended syringe tips allow easy access to all tooth surface and accurate
dispensing of etchants. The viscosity of our gel etchants provide for both wetting of the tooth
surface and staying power when places.

Dentta Supreme “Gel Etch”is a sophisticated dental device for the conditioning of tooth surface prior to restorative and preventive procedures, including cementing, bonding, sealing and filling. The use of the special additives assures good wetting of tooth, enamel, dentin and a stable consistency that resists drying. Colorant provides good contrast with mucosa and allows for better control of etched areas, while allowing for easy rinsing of the material from teeth and soft tissues.

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